Frankfurt-am-Main 210 built 1956

Frankfurt-am-Main 210 built 1956


Present Location Whitwell & Reepham station (scrapped)
Designed For Frankfurt-am-Main
Built by Düwag
Where built Düsseldorf
General type Enclosed single-decker
First Number 210
Present Number 210
Status For disposal
Condition Derelict
Operating No
Gauge 4ft 8½in
Rarity Several
Historical Significance Modest Significance
Notes P.1985; to BaMMoT, Wythall; to Great Yeldham Transport Museum; to Whitwell & Reepham station, Norfolk; sent for scrap at EMR Lenwade 3/2018
Seats Downstairs/Upstairs 33
At Risk Yes
Date Record Last Updated 15/05/2018



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